Creating Oneself Endlessly

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.
~ Henri Bergson (1859-1941) French  philosopher

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for some time. It’s about this blog. It’s not that I want or intend to give it up. Or that I don’t appreciate those who continue to visit here often or once in a while. Each one who enjoys, is inspired and encouraged by something I write, draw or paint is a valued connection and blessing, and as much, if not more, of an inspiration and encouragement to me.

I just can’t keep up with offering the kind of content – poetry and short prose with original artwork – as often as I did in my first years of blogging.

Now I have one novel published and another under contract to be, I want to concentrate on my fiction writing more than ever. This involves a lot of research and isolation and assimilation time without too many distractions. I also have a project involving prose and poetry and illustrations that, for many years, I’ve wanted to do.

Besides all that, I have family and home responsibilities and a few more years yet of needing to work the day job. As I’m into my sixth decade, my energy—physical, creative, mental, spiritual and emotional—must be rationed, and I need to limit some things in order to achieve others. As many of you know, creative endeavors can take quite a lot out of the creator. To begin with, I’ve always been a low-energy person and, also, a perfectionist—that is to say, I always give everything I do, no matter how ‘large’ or ‘small’, 100%. I rarely do something quickly just to get it done.

I’m not yet sure what direction this blog will take. It will still be a go-to place for information about my publications and the reviews I do for others. Perhaps, sometimes, I’ll write about the research I’m doing. I’ve been thinking about setting up a page about doing pet portraits. And, I’m sure, there will be flashes of poetry or prose-poetry from time to time.

I do think I’ll be limiting my posts to one or two a month in order to create content worth sharing. I hope my followers, old and new, will continue to find something for their minds, hearts and souls in whatever I offer.

I won’t stop writing and otherwise creating, as well as appreciating the always impressive and enlightening work of others.


Blessings to all.


I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
~ Vincent van Gogh



©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


29 thoughts on “Creating Oneself Endlessly

  1. I ‘hear’ you Diane and I feel you must do what feels balanced for you. Your creativity is your unique voice and in giving that the time. space and energy it deserves, you are honouring you. We will be here when you wish to share and I appreciate your loving friendship, talents, drawings and writings and those of your Mum. ❤ with many hugs my lovely friend. Go create and 'be', for you 'be' in a very special way. xXx ❤


    • Hi, Jane. Thank you for your very beautiful comment. It has just felt like a transformational time … I know you will understand … sometimes it isn’t because of any one thing happening … our spirits just know when we need to pause … pull in. It is never good when anything (creativity, relationship, etc.) that should be wrapped in love feels like it’s weighted with a ball and chain. Already, I’m feeling relief and opening to new things. My blogging has yet to reflect that … but, I feel, it will soon. Blessings. XO ❤

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  2. I completely understand and support you in whatever you choose to do. You have to do what is best for you and your family. I will still be out here reading and hope you will understand that commenting is not always something I can do. Thank you for sharing your talents with the blogosphere – I wish you all the best. XO ❤


    • Thank you for your support and understanding, Jackie.It means so much, and in turn I wish you the best with all your endeavors and hope you, also, may find the right balance to pursue your interests and creativity and take care of yourself and your nearest and dearest. Blessings, love and hugs. XO ❤


  3. Diane,

    Your blog is such a pleasure to visit. The beauty of your work is that it is timeless
    and ever beguiling. So, while I will miss a more frequent exchange with you, I will
    continue to enjoy the work that you have posted. It takes me to a peaceful place.
    I am a huge fan and a great admirer of your many talents. I also admire the wisdom
    of taking a break when it’s needed (or if not a break, at least a rearranging of priorities.)



    • Oh, Sarah, thank you for your lovely kind words. I’m still working out what to do here … I won’t be going away altogether and feel like I’m getting closer to realizing the direction this blog will take. I’m not changing its theme: “Storytellers hope someone listens. Poets whisper to themselves.” But, yes, it just feels like time to rearrange priorities a little. Blessings to you for all the love and support you offer, and, not least, because of your sublime talent to inspire through your way with words and openness and generosity of spirit. Your poetry is some of the most beautiful I come upon. Diane XO ❤


  4. I always enjoy reading your poetry and seeing yours and your mothers artwork.

    Time and energy, Diane, time and energy. I have had thoughts of closing my blog and twitter etc and just concentrate on my latest project but I decided to take a different tack and use YouTube as a “distraction?” (if that’s the right word), as I enjoy reading my poetry and I seem to enjoy videoing myself too and this “distraction” seems to work for me, it’s like stepping off the platform to another destination and then I return to write.

    Hope you find a balance and sometimes a change is as good as a rest xxx


    • Hi, Martin. And thank you for your understanding. I think many of us empathize with the difficulty of writing and being creative and keeping up a blog and any other social media ‘stuff’. I am slowly formulating the future direction/form this blog will take. I have just removed the like button from it (but have left the comment feature). I have never been good with competition of popularity contests, and think doing so will help me to focus more on the sharing aspect and let whatever I offer come from my thoughts and heart and spirit more purely and unconditionally.

      Have been enjoying your videos, and you are so right, a change is as good as a rest. Blessings. xo


      • Thanks, Diane, glad you like my videos xx

        I’ve not thought about removing the like button… hmm I’ll have a think about that idea as I do tend to get drawn into how many people click that button when really I shouldn’t be thinking about that at all and so perhaps it will free my mind up a little… hmm

        Thanks Diane xx


  5. You most certInly do put 100% into everyrhing Diane including all your supportive comments on others’ blogs. I can only reiterate what others have said in that you are such a gifted writer and artist and I am pleased that you feel the need to write more. This can only lead to more wonderful publications and they deserve to be written and be allowed to fly. I am privileged to be a friend of yours and thank you ao very much for your continuing support and encouragement of my work; it means so much. Good luck with all your endeavours in the future. I will be staying close, eager to follow whatever you share. Balance in life is so very difficult ro achieve when so many different aspects of it demand our attention. I think your decision here is a sign that you are working hard to achieve that balance to full effect. Sending hugs and lots of love ❤️ Xxxx


    • Thank you so much, Christine, for your supportive words and always giving me such encouragement! For being there, a dear dear friend. Sometimes, one just can’t ignore a need for pause, re-evaluation and, ultimately, some change. It usually doesn’t feel comfortable or initially make things clearer, but better than just doing the same thing in the same way and not reaching out to other opportunities. Thank you for your last email and the beautiful pic of Poppy! I will reply soon. Hugs and love. Blessings. XO ❤


  6. Sounds like a perfectly sane plan, to me, my darling. You have so much just bursting to be created out of that heart and soul of yours that it would be a pity to be too tied down with the quotidian busyness of blogging to take full advantage. Lord knows you have more than enough on your plate. We’ll be here when you’re around, and love what you do all the more. Love, peace and joy to you, sweet Diane!


    • Thank you so much, Kathryn, for your supportive and encouraging words, and for your willingness to stick around as this little space is reborn in some form or other. Love and peace and joy to you, my lovely friend. XO ❤


  7. All the best to you and your creative endeavors. As someone who struggles between working on fiction and blogging every day, I understand the need to slow down. The blog should exist to support the creative project, and if it needs to give for a while, so be it. I enjoy your posts whenever you’re able to do them.


    • Thank you so much, Kim, for your support and empathy! Sometimes a pause, a look back and ahead, is what is needed. Nothing is constant; everything changes, even little by little. In the beginning, once I made one or two posts that included my artwork, my blog kind of dictated to me what it would be. Now, I feel I’m in a different place with it – as you said, needing it “to support the creative project”, certainly to reflect where my creativity is taking me: back to my first love, which is fiction. All the best.


  8. Every writer faces this dilemma in a world that is teeming with seemingly limitless content…How to hold an audiences attention while giving yourself time to produce writing and artwork worth sharing…No one has the right answer on how to strike that balance…I’m sure you’ll find a happy medium though…


    • Thank you, Michael. The thing is I don’t seem to have the knack, to be very successful in the blogging field. I don’t think I’m alone among writers and artists. I know I have something to offer artistically and imaginatively, but, perhaps, I’m not clever/worldly enough to be a ‘real’ blogger. I appreciate you taking the time to offer empathetic words. As I’ve said, in this post and comments, I really DO appreciate every one who takes the time to visit here, encourage my work, and offers me the blessing of his/her heart, mind and spirit. 🙂


  9. Hi Diane, we have talked about this my friend, you must do whatever is good for you, and if you need to slow down with the blogging, of course that is what you need to do. Your blogs are always very well crafted, beautiful in art and poetry (and of course your comments are absolutely encouraging and kind, but I know very time consuming too!) The postings already here, will stay to encourage others and to be enjoyed. Writing a novel is a time consuming process, so is writing short stories. And I know how thorough and kind you are in writing your reviews!
    It is not as if you are going away for ever though 🙂 there still is fb and such. It will be nice to keep track of your creative adventures. Best wishes dear Diane and take good care of yourself! ❤ xxx


    • Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, Ina! It means so much. I’m obviously not offering what blog viewers are looking for right now (well, they’re not breaking down the airways to see what I’ve posted – I get more views than likes and few comments), so it doesn’t seem the way I should be devoting as much time as I used to. I always believe – as hard as it is sometimes, especially to the ego – that when something is happening or a hard-slog, the Universe is telling me that I need to chart a different course (take that road less traveled). When one door closes … 🙂 … well, I’ll leave it ajar for now. No matter, as I said in the post I really do appreciate those who stick with me, friendships that I greatly value, like yours. All the best to you, Ina and YOU take good care yourself (as I know how you are caring for others). XO ❤

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  10. Hi Diane,

    I completely understand how your time blogging will be limited with your second novel coming out, along with your other projects. You will be missed if your posting lessens, but I also look forward to wherever your creativity takes you and will be there to support you front row and center. I also agree with Angela in saying you are truly a gifted writer, whether it be fiction or poetry, in addition to a very talented artist. Every time I look at my Copper portraits, I think of you. Thank you again for those two treasures. Sending you much love and many hugs! ♥


    • Thank you, Lauren! I can’t express enough how much your support and encouragement, but, especially, your friendship means to me. Thank YOU for allowing me to do the Copper portraits – they gave me hours of joy to do and then more for the joy they give you. Blessings. XO ❤

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