You Moved Through the Fair

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

There was music on your breath
made softer
but not stilled by death;
the bright greeting of your eyes
lost, but for
reminiscing sighs;
the quick smile that found each one,
a star with
the warmth of the sun;
a playfulness in your hands
songs from foreign lands.

You moved many through the fairs
and left them
mourning you in prayers;
those times past and present too,
with all your
audience to woo;
mine a quiet memory
not to let
fade and thus bury—
when neither too sweetly soon
nor too late
you sang for the moon.

The sketch is of Owain Phyfe, a loved if often distant friend, who was a vocalist, instrumentalist, and founder of Nightwatch Recording which concentrated on Renaissance and Medieval music. He died from pancreatic cancer on September 5, at the age of 63, after only being diagnosed in July. I did the drawing many years ago, intending to make it into a painting. I have decided to leave it unfinished. 

He has left a legacy of beautiful music. Below is one of my favorites, but please go to YouTube for more examples. And if you enjoy, please consider purchasing one or more of his CDs, which would benefit his dear wife, Paula, and add a little magic to your life as well. Ciao, Owain.

14 thoughts on “You Moved Through the Fair

  1. It’s too shocking when they’re taken in such a short span of time. A beautifully done tribute to your friend and a very talented man, Diane. I’m very sorry for your loss.

    The “Monarch” story that you commented on earlier was about someone taken the exact same way…that virulent pancreatic cancer. We were totally caught off-guard by her quick passing…but maybe a blessing…

    Gayle ~


  2. Diane, this post is a beautiful tribute to your friend.

    What a sad story and a great loss. And I can understand why you are leaving the drawing as it is, it seems fitting to do so.

    His voice, to me, has a lovely hint of the Irish in it. I don’t know if that’s just me having listened to a lot of Irish music.

    A beautiful poem which is like a song in itself.

    Much love

    Christine xx


    • Thank you so much, Christine. I still can’t believe he is gone from this world.

      Owain was actually Welsh and Scottish, with a voice very much suited to Irish (Celtic) ballads. But, if you get a chance, listen to some other tracks on YouTube, as he sang foreign songs–Italian, French, German, Spanish, so wonderfully well too. He healed and inspired many through his singing … perhaps not always as kind to himself …


    • Hi, Ina, and thank you … also, that you caught the tears. They have to be very private, but I needed to express them in my own way. His voice and the twinkle in his eye changed my life, there is no doubt. Sometimes those that ‘save’ us cannot save themselves. Love always, Diane XO


  3. Oh Diane, I got teary-eyed over this. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute poem and drawing. How it must bless his wife and family! I feel it deeply, perhaps because that is what happens to artists–when we are touched deeply by someone, it takes root within our heart/soul and bears the flower and fruit of more art–a continuing cycle of living art, love and tribute. Great work from you, my friend. God bless you–love, Caddo


    • ‘…that is what happens to artists–when we are touched deeply by someone, it takes root within our heart/soul and bears the flower and fruit of more art–a continuing cycle of living art, love and tribute.’

      How exquisitely put, Caddo, moving ME deeply. Thank you always for your love and encouragement, ‘humanly’, spiritually, and artistically. XO


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