Nature Insight: Song of the Thrush

The Thrush
for the moment
without a song,
walked the path
with a purpose
she had all along.

She meant
to crack that snail
so hard to crack.
Who would’ve thought
all she should do
was give it a whack.

Whack, wallop, whack!
Whack, wallop, whack!
Such strength to pretend.
Whack, wallop, whack!
Stand back, stand back!

Have a go again!

The thrush
for the moment
found a new song,
flying off with
a meal she knew
she had all along.


(Author’s note: Just had a little fun writing this inspired by long ago scribbled words.)

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Nature Insight: Song of the Thrush

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following. I am honored as your posts are so beautifully expressive in words and images. I have added it to my blog roll and hope as many as possible discover its magic too!


  1. Hi! Is that your illustration of the thrush? It’s just lovely. You have a style all your own.

    I usually hear the insistent tapping sound of a thrush when it’s trying to crack open its dinner before I can see it – I then scan the garden to locate it. You’ve caught the moment beautifully here. I also pick up on some subtle underlying meanings – I was very much reminded of your comment (which has stayed with me) about words being like shells…


    • Hi! Thanks! Yes, it is my illustration…well, part of one. Now and then the paintbrush replaces the pen!

      Yes, there are underlying meanings–I like to write with a distinct visual in mind that can be read simply as a descriptive story but also–because of the magical dimensions of words–has a little more to offer between the lines.

      That’s what I love about writing poetry. But I believe prose can achieve the same effect. Of course that’s why it takes me so long to write the latter!


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